Island style for all. Accessories and tees made in Melbourne.
Island style for all. Accessories and tees made in Melbourne.
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Run To Paradise and Kate Ceberano

Australia Fashion Friends of RTP Kate Ceberano

While working as a stylist at Myer, I had the opportunity to dress Australian singer Kate Ceberano for a few ad campaigns.

For me personally, this was quite a thrill, because unbeknownst to my employer, I had followed Ceberano's career as a young girl, growing up (sometimes) awkwardly in late 80s Thornbury, knowing in my heart that I was a Melbourne girl, but with a heritage that would also set me apart from my peers throughout my life.

My sister Tania and I related so well to this very Aussie, yet also half Hawaiian goddess named Kate Ceberano who grew up in Balwyn. We saw her perform live at Countdown a few times, and when her Brave album was released in 1989, it was the coming of age record that would stick in our hearts forever, and also the start of a lifetime of being mistaken for her. I'm so grateful to have had a decent, strong, talented woman to look up to through those years, and still - Kate has always remembered me by name and I love her for that.

Around the time of our soft launch for Run To Paradise, Rich suggested that I get in touch with Kate and offer her gifts! To my surprise and delight, she replied that she loved the yellow and white stripe boatneck tee, and so I also threw in one of our best selling Cocktail clutches. When she sent through some photographs, Kate told us that she'd christened it her 'Hawaii happy T-shirt' because it reminds her 'of 1977 Hawaii when she was a wee grommet earning hula in a garage with all the fierce Hawaiians!' We are loving the emotional connection so much. It's why we started this brand in the first place! Thanks Kate, you're a gem, ahem, national treasure.

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