Island style for all. Accessories and tees made in Melbourne.
Island style for all. Accessories and tees made in Melbourne.
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How to wear our vertical stripe tees in the cooler months

Australia Fashion How to wear Mel Ogier Style edit

Resort wear's a cinch when the sun swelters and you can roll out of bed into your private swimming pool or secluded beach. 

But that's not really how 2020 is for any of us, unless you permanently live in paradise, pandemic or not. As the Australian skies darken, how do we lift our spirits? By summoning our internal resort vibe, that's how. 

As any Melbourne citizens know, mastering the art of layered dressing is essential for successful living. Flash flooding? Not a problem. Spontaneous sunburst? Sure.

Our tee in pink, mint and yellow vertical stripe is perfect for getting your layered leisure looks on. Add a muted tone spray jacket and a white skivvy underneath for maximum 70s/80s cold weather chic, or try wrapping up in a cosy neutral knit. We all know how white denim exists in the domain of a major sunshine and beach lifestyle. Think Noosa, think Icebergs. Pop on a pair of white denim jeans (extra points if they're flared) wherever you are, and settle in on the couch. Remember, holiday style is a state of mind today, not a 'RL' destination.

Most things in our first Run To Paradise collection go back with tortoiseshell, because it's such a staple pacific look, from sunglasses to cuffs and more. Below I've teamed up our candy stripe tee with some lime green Converse hi tops and a pale grey beanie, or polka dot headband if that's more your jam. Fun OTT plastic sunglasses always help to dial up fashionability and herald the arrival of your outfit.


Our vertical stripe tees feature a small embroidered Run To Paradise logo in white on the front. There are only six available in this colour way. Also available in pink and white, and taupe and white.

Phillips Vintage is a collection of unworn garments in pristine condition that date from the 1960s to the 1980s. 100% cotton. Made in Hong Kong, embroidered in Fitzroy. For more product information, please visit our 'About' section.

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